Effect of Shock Wave on the Blunt Body at Hypersonic Velocity

Research Area: Volume 10,Issue 4,July, 2021 Year: 2021
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Blunt Body, Hypersonic, Nose Radius, Shockwave, Flow Analysis
  • Suraj Sambhajirao Patil
  • Sahil Chandel
Journal: IJEIR Volume: 10
Number: 4 Pages: 213-222
Month: July
ISSN: 2277-5668
This paper is focused on the Computational analysis and comparison of various Nose cone shapes when the re-entry vehicle exceeds Mach 5 velocity. Since the nose cone undergoes extreme temperature and pressure during re-entry into earth’s atmosphere which also produce shock wave at the nose cone, thus, it is wise to consider all the aerodynamic parameters in order to sustain the atmospheric drag. The blunt body structure of nose cone plays an influential role when designing a re-entry vehicle. Hence, several nose cone designs are studied for the sole purpose of discovering the most efficient design among them. Comparative analysis is carried out to see the disparity created due to varying radius of curvature. Flow analysis is an important measure to create the real time simulations in accordance with the stagnation conditions and bluntness ratio. Thus, it gives an effective result, how the various nose cone designs would perform in the desired environment. Flow analysis is carried out using ANSYS software. While the “Finite Element Method (FEM) is applied for the Structural Analysis of Nose cone design. Also, it is important to balance the Fineness ratio, as increase in Fineness ratio will lead to increase in skin drag. Apart from this, the subsequent effects of heat transfer, shockwaves, and chemical reactions are also considered. Based on the results, the most efficient nose cone design among the five chosen designs, is proposed.

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