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501 Thermal Comfort in Built Form Aditya Ambare 2014 --
502 Estimation of Leakage Power using Power Reduction Circuit Shailesh Kumar Mukati; Tarun Verma; Dr. Rita Jain 2014 --
503 The Validity Value of Electrical Restitution Curve in Prediction of Ventricular Fibrillation Induction Using ANFIS Mahdis Monajati; Faridoon Shabaninia 2014 --
504 A Novel Fuzzy Logic Control Scheme for FACS-Based Switched Filter Compensation E. Elbakush; A. M. Sharaf; R. Cakmak 2014 --
505 HLSRGM Based SPRT: MLE Dr. R. Satya Prasad; S. Janardhana Rao; G. Krishna Mohan 2014 --
506 Analysis and Development of Various Evolutionary Computations for Multi-Objective Optimization in Job Shop Problems Mamta; Umesh Sehgal 2014 --
507 Digital Image Watermarking using Adaptive DCT-DWT Anshul Nema; Prof. Ravi Mohan 2014 --
508 Automatic Raising Hand Detection in an Intelligent Classroom Cheng-Chieh Chiang 2014 --
509 A Comparitive Study of Optimization Technique for Various Algorithms in Facts Controllers Gopinath. B; Dr. S. Suresh Kumar; Kiruthiga. P; Layana Fathima Ibrahimkutty; Manimala. D; Navya Vijayan 2014 --
510 Design and Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Optimum Generation V. N. Femina Azmi; K. Durgadevi; V. Sindhuja; S. Janani; B. Gopinath 2014 --
511 16-Order IIR Filter Design using Vedic Mathematic Technique Padma Kunthe; Sameena Zafar; Ankita Sharma 2014 --
512 Improving Fault Ride-Through Capability of Fixed Speed Wind Turbine by using Simultaneously Series Braking Resistor and STATCOM M. Ferdosian; H. Keshavarz; H. Abdi; B. Sabouri; J. Mikaeili; A. Kashiha 2014 --
513 Based on the LMD - KPCA - LSSVM Mechanical Fault Diagnosis Research Zengshou Dong; Zhaojing Ren 2014 --
514 Soil Zoning of Bushehr City Based on Geotechnical Properties by ARCGIS Software Ali Sanaeirad; Gholamreza Panahinasab 2014 --
515 Effects of Rice Husk Ash on the Non Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Razia Begum; Ahsan Habib; Shah Mostafa 2014 --
516 A General Theory of Innovation and National Intellectual Capital Ann-Liang Chew; Ravi S. Sharma 2014 --
517 Efficient Zone Based Bidirectional Multicast Tree over MANET using RSGMP M. Vivekanandan; Dr. A. Chandrasekar 2014 --
518 A New Methodology in Contrast Enhancement Approach using Fusion Techniques Sanju Kumari; Mahesh Malviya; Srikant Lade 2014 --
519 Optimal Design of Renewable Hybrid Energy System for a Village in Ghana Emmanuel Obuobi Kwame Addo; Dr. Johnson Asumadu; Dr. Philip Yaw Okyere 2014 --
520 Opportunities and Possibilities of Sustainable Development through Research Dr. A. M. Shende; Prof. Rakhi Kashikar 2014 --
521 Adaptive Digital Audio Watermarking Using Empirical Mode Decomposition Mr. G. Jeya Gopal; Mr. M. Davidson Kamala Dhas 2014 --
522 Calculation of AC and Transient Potential Distribution along HV Insulator String under Polluted Condition based on FEM Roya Fouladi; Mohammad Mirzaie; Mohammad Moradi 2014 --
523 Study of Key Theoretical and Technical Features of Dynamic Loading of High Voltage Overhead Transmission Lines Shadreck Mpanga; Ackim Zulu; Luka Ngoyi 2014 --
524 Performance Analysis of Probshrink Image Denoising Method Based on its PSNR Value Mukesh Kumar Mishra; Sameena Zafar 2014 --
525 The Impact of Brand Image on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Intention (Case Study: Consumer of Hygiene Products) Kambiz Shahroudi; Seyedeh Safoura Naimi 2014 --

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