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676 Power Enhancement of Gas Turbine Plant by Intake Air Fog Cooling J. P. Yadav; Onkar Singh 2012 --
677 Agent based User Interface Design for Mobile Cloud Computing Environment (AUID) Prof. D. Jayaramaiah; A. Viswanatha Reddy; Srikishan. D. 2012 --
678 Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch by using Hybrid PSO-GA with Real and Reactive Power Constraints Mr. Sunil Kumar Shukla; Dr. H. K. Verma 2012 --
679 A Novel Technique on Simulation of A Space Vector PWM Controller for a Three Level Inverter FED Induction Motor S. Radha Krishna Reddy; S. Md. Mazhar-ul-Haq; Dr. JBV Subrahmanyam; Anwarunnisa Begum; Ch. Kamal 2012 --
680 Shape Optimization of ‘S’ Type Load Cell Using Finite Element Method Mr. S. M. Ghanvat; Prof. H. G. Patil 2012 --
681 New Comparison of HVDC and HVAC Transmission system Vahid Behravesh; Nahid Abbaspour 2012 --
682 Scavenging Energy in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review Aniket Gundecha; Prasheel Suryawanshi 2012 --
683 HBA: Distributed Metadata Management for Large Cluster-Based Storage Systems Sirisha Petla; Poorna Satyanarayana. B 2012 --
684 Enhancing the Performance of Symmetric Key Cryptography Schema Rupali Mehta; Prof. Jitendra Agrawal 2012 --
685 Design of RF Front End Mixer Circuit for an Ultra Wide Band Receiver Mr. Jaikaran Singh; Pradip Kumar Vishwakarma 2012 --
686 Design & Implementation of IP-PBX for Small Business Organization Mr. Sandeep R. Sonaskar; Dr. M. M. Khanapurkar 2012 --
687 Effectiveness of OFDM as a modulation technique for wireless radio application P. Anilkumar; M. V. Vramhananda Reddy; G. Nagendra; Sridhar. V. 2012 --
688 Experimental and Simulation Studies of R134a-R404a Cascade Refrigeration System Q. N. Khatib; C. D. Sagat; M. S. Joshi 2012 --
689 A Proactive Tree Recovery Mechanism for Resilient Overlay Multicast Supriya Chaluvadi; Poorna Satyanarayana B. 2012 --
690 Generalized Hidden Markov Models To Handwritten Devanagari Word Recognition Mr. Pradeep Singh Thakur; Mr. Sandeep Patil 2012 --
691 Symmetric Key based Audio Steganography for Mobile Network Anwesha Mukherjee; Debashis De 2012 --
692 A Trusted Centralized Public Key to Secure Border Gateway Protocol Divan Raimagia; Shraddha Singh 2012 --
693 A Comparative Study of PWM Strategies for Cascaded Z-Source Multilevel Inverter Dr. R. Seyezhai; Dr. B. L. Mathur; A. Shanmuga Priyaa 2012 --
694 ¬A Review on Rain Attenuation of Radio Waves Mr. Sumit Joshi 2012 --
695 ANALYSIS OF SOFTWARE COST ESTIMATION MODELS Tahir Abdullah; Rabia Saleem; Shahbaz Nazeer; Muhammad Usman 2012 --
696 The Secure Dynamic Source Routing Protocol in MANET using MD5 Hash Function Radha S. Savankar; Prof. S. V. Dhopte 2012 --
697 Multi-Objective Big Bang–Big Crunch Optimization Algorithm For Recursive Digital Filter Design Ms. Rashmi Singh; Dr. H. K. Verma 2012 --
698 Spring MVC Framework for Web 2.0 Rohan V. Thakare; Santosh Kakade; Bhushan Sapre; Dr. B. B. Meshram 2012 --
699 Analysis of SP’s[4][6][8] Unit Ramp Function Through Examples Satyapal Singh; Dr. (Lt. )Rajeev K. Singh; Suruchi Rawat; Sushesh Singh 2012 --
700 Introduction to Hadoop Distributed File System Vaibhav Gopal korat; Ankush Pramod Deshmukh; Kumar Swamy Pamu 2012 --

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