S.No. Paper Title Author Co-Author Page No. Download
1 Fabrication of windmill reciprocating water pumping system M.Ravichandra J.Nagaraju,S.Md.Inthias 01-06 pdf
2 Design and fabrication of vertical axis wind turbine for power generation Owk Jayaramudu P.Madhu Raghava 07-11 pdf
3 Experimental Investigation on MRR in Abrasive Water Jet Machining of AL 7075-T6 and Fly ash Metal Matrix Composite F.Anand Raju Dr. M.L.S. Deva Kumar 12-16 pdf
4 Comparison of Mechanical Characterization of Al Metal Matrix Composites and Grey Cast Iron of an Automobile Brake Rotor G. Srinivas Kumar V. Viswanatha Chari, P. Madhuraghava, P.Nagaraju 17-20 pdf
5 Exhaust gas heat recovery to increase the brake thermal efficiency of IC engine G. Srinivas Kumar V. Viswanatha Chari, P. Nagaraju, P. Madhuraghava 21-24 pdf
6 Fabrication and testing of reinforced composites of carbon and agave fibers V.Viswanatha chari G.Srinivas Kumar, P. Madhuraghava, P. Nagaraju 25-28 pdf
7 Extraction Diesel Engine Fuel from Waste Ground Nut Oil for Dual Fuel Diesel Engine Raghurami Reddy D. Hariprasad Tarigonda, Krishnamachary,P.C 29-34 pdf
8 Experimental Study on Advanced Food Dryer with Solar and Exhaust heat Radiation by Finned Copper Tubes as Heat Exchanger V.Sudharshan E. Siva Reddy and R.Meenakshi Reddy 35-40 pdf
9 Hyperspectral Pest Management by Map Reduce A.Swarupa Rania S. Jyothib 41-47 pdf
10 A study of data security and security mechanisms of cloud service providers K.K. Nikhil S.A.Poojitha 48-50 pdf
11 Role of NoSQL in BigData and Cloud Computing Dr.M.Neelakantappa Dr.Amjan Shaik,Dr.J.Sreedhar, 51-54 pdf
12 Mitigation of Voltage Sag, Swell And Load Hamonics By The Combined Opertation Of Series APF And Solar System U M Sandeep Kumar M Siva Sankar 55-59 pdf
13 Weighted sequential energy detector in co-operative spectrum sensing K.Sampath Kumar 60-64 pdf
14 A VLSI Implementation of Binary Division with Radix-16 Signed Digit Number Systems B. Prathap Reddy 65-69 pdf
15 Low-power VLSI design by using dynamic-threshold logic Mr. S.Arif Basha 70-76 pdf
16 NOC: An Efficient Data Transmission with Shared Buffer Routers Using RoShaQ Architecture C.V.Subhaskara Reddy S.Arif Basha,C.Mohan Kumar Goud 77-80 pdf
17 Fusion of MRI and PET Images using DWT Syed Munawwar 81-83 pdf
18 A Highly Secured System for Home Appliances Embedded with Electronics, Software and Sensors N.Sreenivasa Rao Dr. P.Thimmaiah 84-86 pdf
19 New Low Glitch and Low Power Flip-Flop with Gating On Master and Slave Latches Dandu Yaswanth Syed Munawwar 87-90 pdf
20 A Microstrip Patch Antenna with EU Slot for Broadband Applications - Design and Simulation S. Abdul Malik 91-94 pdf
21 Transistor level implementation of vedic multiplier by using gdi method N.Jayamary M.Mohan Reddy 95-98 pdf
22 Dual threshold voltage design for reduction of leakage power S.V.Suresh 99-101 pdf
23 Design of an Efficient Full Adder for Low Power Applications S. Rambabu P. Yeesan Ahammad Khan 102-104 pdf
24 Efficacy of Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank (APGB) in Andhra Pradesh: A Conventional Analysis Rajashekar Dr. Sudarsana Murthy 105-109 pdf
25 CSR activities in India- A report w.r.t IT industries Smt. A.K.Neeraja Rani Dr. G. Sunitha 110-115 pdf
26 Customer perception towards online banking services M. Umrez 116-119 pdf
27 Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Engine Cooling System for Auto Mobile Applications Aruna. K Divyavani Palle, R. Ramadevi, Ragnavendra Rao Kanchi 120-123 pdf
28 Survey on e.COLI and residual chlorine in drinking water A. R. Ramadevi Dr. K. Aruna 124-126 pdf
29 English language and learning difficulties in the Indian schools with special reference to Andhra Pradesh A. Shailaja 127-130 pdf

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