Degradation Effect on the Flexural Strength & Micro-Hardness of IPS e-max Laminated Ceramics

Research Area: Volume 8,Issue 5, Sept. 2019 Year: 2019
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: IPS e-max Laminated Ceramics, Flexural Strength, Degradation Effect, Micro-Hardness
  • Prof. Tawfik Taher AJAAL
  • Eng. Asmaa Ali ABDEEWI
Journal: IJEIR Volume: 8
Number: 5 Pages: 172-180
Month: September
ISSN: 2277-5668
Ceramic chips play an important role in dentistry when used in a fixed dental damage due to aesthetic, as well as the growing importance and enormity that bring these chips to beauty, and the beauty of the lifestyle imposed by society. These Chips are manufactured in two different ways: (i) IPS e-max press & (ii) IPS e-max cad. The objective of the present work is to study the degradation effect of the IPS e-max laminated ceramic properties as a function of flexural strength and micro-hardness for two different routes of manufacturing the material - IPS e-max press & IPS e-max cad. For the aim of testing the nominated samples an experimental work designed to consist of sixty samples manufactured in two different ways and divided by its type of manufacturing the (IPS e-max press & IPS e-max cad) to two groups which are divided to two subgroups each with fifteen samples assigned to pre- test and post test. The results of the flexural strength and degradation tests show that, using different ways in manufacturing the ceramic chips which classified as: (i) IPS e-max press & (ii) IPS e-max cad resulted in differences in the measured characteristics that affecting the aesthetics of these chips before and after the test. The analysis of the obtained results using the SSPS tools show that the differences are not statistically significant on the measured characteristics of the manufacturing route of either IPS e-max press or IPS e- max cad. However, it is recommended the use of the ceramic chips manufactured using IPS e-max cad route due to its better degradation resistance and mechanical properties.

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