Geothermal Soil Analysis of the Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

Research Area: Volume 10,Issue 4,July, 2021 Year: 2021
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Alternative Energy, Thermal Conductivity, Geothermal Flow, Geothermal Energy, Rio de Janeiro
  • Laryssa Dutra Braga Vaz
  • Thiago da Silva Coelho
  • Rayssa Barcellos Paiva
  • Brenda dos Santos Pereira
  • Flavia Soares Souza
  • Hans Schmidt Santos
  • Felipe Barbosa Venancio de Freitas
Journal: IJEIR Volume: 10
Number: 4 Pages: 204-212
Month: July
ISSN: 2277-5668
This work presents the research of the geothermal data from 132 wells distributed in the state of Rio de Janeiro and Campos Basin, Brazil. These data were used to create maps of geothermal gradient, surface temperature, thermal conductivity and geothermal flux of the region. Through the maps, it was possible to identify the regions with the highest gradients and geothermal flow that are the regions of Itaguaí, Costa Verde, Middle Paraíba and the southern part of the Northern Fluminense. The geothermal flow of the state of Rio de Janeiro ranged from 39 mW/m² to 95 mW/m², even so, the entire region studied had a geothermal flow far below that needed for electricity generation, although the artisanal use of geothermal energy such as water heating is not yet ruled out.

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