Circuit Breaker Cost Reduction Technique: Guide for the Manufacture of Minimum Cost Circuit Breakers

Research Area: Volume 6, Issue 4, July 2017 Year: 2017
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Cost Effective, High Voltage, Manufacture, Operating Mechanism, Parameter, Circuit Breaker
  • AKPEH V. A.
Journal: IJEIR Volume: 6
Number: 4 Pages: 169-173
Month: July
ISSN: 2277-5668
The key parameters that determine the operating mechanism energy requirement for circuit breakers are discussed in this paper. The effect of these key parameters on the cost of circuit breakers are also presented to guide manufacturers of circuit breakers in producing cost effective circuit breakers. The symbols used in this work and there meanings include the following: ∝, >>, ≈, √, x, and %; meaning: directly proportional to, much greater than, approximately equal to, square root of, multiplied by, and percentage, respectively. The following abbreviations and acronyms were also used in this work: A, AA, di/dt , dv/dt , i, M, N, ∆P, P, Po, RRRV, tBR, to, V, WKIN, and WCOMP; meaning: Cross-sectional area, Arc cross-section, Current slope, Rate of Rise of Re-striking Voltage, Fault current, Moving contact mass, Number of breaks, Blast pressure necessary for arc quenching, Pressure, Filling pressure, Rate of Rise of Re-striking Voltage, Circuit breaker ready time, Total break time, Velocity, Kinetic energy requirement, and Compression work requirement, respectively

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