Numerical Simulation of Underground flow in Aquifer in Akinyele Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria

Research Area: Volume 6,Issue 5, Sept. 2017 Year: 2017
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Aquifer, Calibration, Pressure Heads, Validation
  • B. H. Ajibola
  • K. M. Odunfa
  • O. A. Adeaga
Journal: IJEIR Volume: 6
Number: 5 Pages: 217-223
Month: September
ISSN: 2277-5668
Groundwater is one of the major sources of renewable green energies useful to man in the form of usable source (drinking and washing), Agriculture (irrigation) and energy (hydroelectricity). Water supply in Akinyele local government Oyo State of Nigeria has been a source of concern due to increase in number of wells and sunk boreholes coupled with engineering activities caused by increase in population, capital development and complex basement structure of the subsurface which has restricted the existing Aquifers in confinement fracturing and weathering. In this paper, an interactive computer simulation model for underground flow in an aquifer which is applicable for predicting flow directions and approximate depth of aquifer from the ground surface for well and borehole depth estimations has been developed using the finite difference approach modified through Taylor’s series expansion combined with Darcy’s law. The aquifer is modelled by imposing a finite difference scheme on the aquifer surface grids with appropriate step-size, initial and boundary conditions using a derived groundwater steady-state equation. Geophysical survey was carried out using resistivity machine to ascertain the soil and underground rock properties such as permeability, transmissivity, conductivity and borehole producing rate. The pressure heads contour map was also recorded. These actual field results were input into the algorithm for the JAVA code for calibration and validation of the simulated results. The actual field results agreed with the simulated results, hence, confirming to the calibration and validation process.

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