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26 Optimization of Cutting Parameters in High-Speed Milling of Hardened Alloy Steels SKD11 to Minimize Energy Consumption Based on PSO Algorithm Dao Van Duong; Lai Anh Tuan; Do Tien Lap; Pham Van Tuan; Nguyen Tai Hoai Thanh; Le Cong Doan; Ngo Tan Loc 2021 --
27 The Proposal of the New Drum and the Analysis of Two-Component Particles Movement Characteristics Min Lu; Yongqi Liu; Haibo Gao; Yuqiu Zhang; Xiaozhen He 2020 --
28 Finite Element Analysis of Tilting of Imitation Cat Paw Pad Tire Mengyu Xie; Congzhen Liu; Chengwei Xu; Hui Meng; Aiqiang Li; Shicheng Lu 2020 --
29 Secure Cloud Simulation Using Hybrid Algorithm B. Reena; P. Divya; I. Jasmine Selvakumari Jeya 2020 --
30 Study on Numerical Calculation Method of Tire Hydroplaning Chengwei Xu; Congzhen Liu; Mengyu Xie; Hui Meng; Shicheng Lu; Aiqiang Li 2020 --
31 Research on Shear Fracture Criterion of Advanced High Strength Dual Phase Steels Qiutao Fu; Di Li; Mengdi Li; Kaidi Wang 2020 --
32 Study on Influence of Injection Advance Angle on Diesel Engine Emission Performance Tongjian Xu; Yongqi Liu; Xiaozhen He; Min Lu 2020 --
33 Study on the Effect of Injection Pressure on Reciprocating Diesel Engines Emission Performance Tongjian Xu; Yongqi Liu; Min Lu; Chen Yang; Xiaozhen He 2020 --
34 Study on the Influence of Laboratory Environment on the Performance of Marine Diesel Engine Tongjian Xu; Yongqi Liu 2020 --
35 Reactive Power Compensation using DSTATCOM with Balanced/Unbalanced Linear and Non-linear Load Shailendra Soni; Dr. Malaya Saurava Dash 2020 --
36 Preliminary Model and Exploration of Plastic Waste Governance Jinyue Xie; Haina Li; Lanyi Zhang; Hui Xu 2020 --
37 Speculation in Science and Technology: Is the Quantum Wave Nothing More than a Prandtl Boundary Layer? Mohamed S. El Naschie 2020 --
38 Effect of Shielding Gas on the Tensile Properties of High Carbon Steel Weldment using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding in Combination of Argon and Carbon (IV) Oxide Gases Paul Chukwulozie Okolie; Christopher Igbinosa Eboigbe; Sylvester Emeka Abonyi; Ugwuegbu Duke Chiagoro 2020 --
39 Heavy Metal in Soil surrounding Dong Thanh Landfill Site, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Tuan Quang Tran; Tien Yin Chou; Mei Hsin Chen; Tuan Nhi Pham; Mon Danh; Luu Hai Tung 2020 --
40 A Study on Outlier Detection Method for GPS Measurement in Bridge Health Monitoring System Hieu Ha Trung; Tien Yin Chou; Yao Min Fang 2020 --
41 Bistatic MIMO Radar System Design and the Effects of Antenna Placement on Parameter Estimation David Ebregbe 2020 --
42 Effect of Pattern Block Stiffness on Tire Wear Resistance Yalong Li; Congzhen Liu; Yongqiang Li; Yunfen Sun; Chengwei Xu; Mengyu Xie 2020 --
43 Conceptual Design of Toughfar Oil Palm Loose Fruits Separator Machine A. Azali; R. Ismail; A. H. Zainal Abidin 2020 --
44 Techno-Economic Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste as Fuel for Electricity Generation in Awka City Paul Chukwulozie Okolie; Emmanuel Okechukwu Chukwumuanya; Onyedikachukwu Hannah Ilo 2020 --
45 Design and Fabrication of a Prototype Car Tyre Inflator Tari Lokoja Lazarus; Paul Chukwulozie Okolie; Sylvester Emeka Abonyi; Ugwuegbu Duke Chiagoro 2020 --
46 Reactive Power Compensation using DSTATCOM with Unit Template Algorithm and Hysteresis Band Current Control Shailendra soni; Dr. Malaya Saurava Dash 2020 --
47 Development of a Prediction Model for Nigerian Stock Exchange using Linear Regression Algorithm Dr. B. O. Omijeh; Stanley Noah Tams 2020 --
48 Overview of Angle Estimation Algorithms in Bistatic MIMO Radar Systems David Ebregbe 2020 --
49 Effect of Interrupted Current Magnitude on the Arc Produced in Medium and High Voltage Systems Dr. Vincent Anthony Akpeh; Prof. Theophilus Chukwudolue Madueme; Dr. Oseloka Augustus Ezechukwu 2020 --
50 Anti-Hydroplaning Analysis of Tire Micro-Pattern Grooves Yunfen Sun; Congzhen Liu; Yongqiang Li; Yang Yuan; Mengyu Xie; Chengwei Xu 2020 --

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