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26 Finite Element Analysis and Lightweight Design of a Small Cargo Vehicle Frame Huailu Jiang; Xuejian Jiao; Yiming Li; Shengguo Zhai; Yanbing Miao 2022 --
27 Gravitational Geopotential Study of the Brazilian Pre-Salt Region Juliana Cristina Celestino Da Silva; Luiz Carlos Flores Junior; Joao Paulo Macena Muniz Vieira; Hans Schmidt Santos; Rogerio Manhaes Soares; Joice De Souza Carvalho; Viviane Macharet Demberg; Ana Beatriz Reguete de Morais; Robert Victor de Arcela Gomes Couto; Alice Dames Vieira; Rayssa Barcellos Paiva; Ariane Raposo Nogueira Soares 2022 --
28 A Compiled Review on D2C Agri Startup Mohd. Faraz Khan; Dr. Durgesh Nandan 2022 --
29 The Absorption of Millimetre Wave Signal Across Different Building Materials Adewale Abe; Oladunni Juliet Femi-Jemilohun; Bankole Adebanji; Emmanuel Taiwo Fasina; Ilesanmi Banjo Oluwafemi 2022 --
30 Ship Waste Management in the Port of Patra, Greece Chrysanthos Golonis; Thrasivoulos Maragozoglou; Aikaterini Rigou 2022 --
31 Analysis of the Effect of Optimised Slot Shape on Electromagnetic Characteristics of Radial Magnetic Levitation Bearings Yang Wang; Meng Ni; Xiao Wu 2022 --
32 Research on Hydroplaning Performance of Wet Pavement Tires Based on CEL Method Hui Meng; Congzhen Liu; Shicheng Lu; Aiqiang Li; Hongzhu Liu; Gao Chen; Fei Pan 2022 --
33 Research on Tire Wear Characteristics Based on Roll and Cornering Conditions Aiqiang Li; Congzhen Liu; Hui Meng; Shicheng Lu; Gao Chen; Hongzhu Liu; Fei Pan 2021 --
34 Social Distancing & Mask Monitor Drone for COVID Prevention Mohd Faraz Khan; Vagesh Nair; Yash Verma; Jeet Oza 2021 --
35 Robust Image Hashing with Visual Map and SVD Hongmei Yu 2021 --
36 National Per Capita Income and Expenditure Forecasts Based on the GM(1,1) Model Zhenjing Di; Hui Xu 2021 --
37 Finite Element Simulation of Flexible Roll Forming of Automobile Variable Section Longitudinal Beam Yiming Li; Xuejian Jiao; Huaiqian Wang; Jianlei Liu; Yanbing Miao 2021 --
38 Finite Element Analysis and Structural Optimization of an Outer Steering Tie Rod Yiming Li; Xuejian Jiao; Zepeng Su; Huaiqian Wang; Jianlei Liu; Yanbing Miao 2021 --
39 Longitudinal Speed Tracking Control of Intelligent Vehicle Based on Adaptive Adjustment Incremental PID of the BP Neural Network Intelligent Algorithm Ting Luo; Ruijun Liu; Dapai Shi; Zhao Bi; Enan Cui; Changzheng Guo 2021 --
40 Preparation and Magnetic Properties of Ni-Co-Fe- P Coating on Silicon Substrate Jing Yuan 2021 --
41 Using OFDM System in Wireless Transmission for Resistance to ISI Kameelah Khalleefah Alnamri 2021 --
42 Effect of Shock Wave on the Blunt Body at Hypersonic Velocity Suraj Sambhajirao Patil; Sahil Chandel 2021 --
43 Geothermal Soil Analysis of the Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil Laryssa Dutra Braga Vaz; Thiago da Silva Coelho; Rayssa Barcellos Paiva; Brenda dos Santos Pereira; Flavia Soares Souza; Hans Schmidt Santos; Felipe Barbosa Venancio de Freitas 2021 --
44 Study on the Influence of Crown Arc Structure on Tire Grounding Performance Shicheng Lu; Aiqiang Li; Hui Meng; Jing Wang; Lanian Tong; Fei Pan; Congzhen Liu 2021 --
45 Study on Active Collision Avoidance System Based on Estimation of Peak Road Adhesion Coefficient Peilin Shi; Longhui Zhou; Jianwei Hou; Minglei Liang; Liaodong Zheng; Yushuai Zhao 2021 --
46 Analysis of Leakage Permeance of Brushless Electromagneticand Radial Permanent Magnet Composite Excitation Power Generation Device for Automobile Mingjun Xu; Hongbin Yin; Shilong Yan; Yanhong Gao; Zhendong Liu; Wenchao Zhang 2021 --
47 Influence of Eccentric Pole Shoe on Performance of Salient Pole Electrically Excited Synchronous Motor Ning Shan; Xueyi Zhang; Ting Gao; Ruifeng Sun 2021 --
48 Influence of Different Reynolds Numbers on Aerodynamic Losses in Low Pressure Turbines Yue Long; Wang Yun-fei 2021 --
49 Parameter Matching and Modeling Simulation Analysis of Extended Range Electric Vehicle Jie Gao; Chao Ma; Shiwei Jin; Dechao Yan 2021 --
50 The Proposed Solution to Some Issues of Optical Mark Reader Dr. Asmaeil Ammarah Abdullah Balq 2021 --

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